Thailand is a beautiful and diverse country full of rich culture, historical sites and interesting people. Sitting in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is home to about 67 million people. The challenges faced by the nation are many, but all of these difficulties weigh more heavily upon the poor. Additionally, a range of socio-political challenges in the region create an even more difficult situation.


Sadly, it is the children who suffer the most, dealing with poverty, hunger and loss on a daily basis. There are many orphaned and impoverished youth who have no where to turn and little hope. Many of these children don’t even have access to basic hygiene supplies, much less education and guidance. Without help these youth face a very bleak future.

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Creating a better future for the youth of Thailand

In Thailand, the need for assistance is tremendous and without compassionate intervention thousands of innocent youth risk a life of poverty and violence.
Thailand Little Ones (TLO) is an organization which works to help provide orphaned and impoverished youth escape the cycle of poverty and violence.

Their goal is to raise up the youth of Thailand and offer a helping hand towards those basic needs, including food, safety, shelter, education and guidance. By bridging the gap today TLO hopes to create a brighter future for Thai youth, their homeland and the world.

TLO believes that you can change the world by intervening in the lives of those most in need. By helping these children we give them access to the tools they need to grow up and make their own positive impact on the world! Help us make a difference by supporting the TLO mission.


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