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Please email us at or Call Thailand Little Ones at 417-773-0410 (TLO is a 5013.c organization #501.3c 47-391-8387)

Thailand Little Ones (TLO) was founded by Tong Trithara, owner of Tong’s restaurant in Springfield, Missouri. The idea to create TLO came about after Tong visited his homeland and was moved by the great need he witnessed among the youth. Everywhere he looked he saw unmet needs, including the most basic essentials such as food, water and education. Tong decided that it was up to him to make a change, so he created TLO.

TLO works to help the poor and disadvantaged youth of Thailand through helping provide access to food, water and education. In conjunction with local organizations, TLO helps provide everything from building materials to recreation equipment for the benefit of poor and orphaned children. By working in partnership with local interests, TLO is able to more effectively and more directly impact the lives of these youth.

Learn more about our projects and upcoming missions by vising our Projects page.

– With your help TLO can help poor and orphaned Thai youth grow up to make a positive difference in Thailand and beyond!