Tong Trithara


Tong Trithara was born in Ban Pan Province, Thailand.

Tong directly witnessed the hardships of the Thai children at a young age. Tong’s family did not have a lot of money, as they were trying to raise seven children on a small income. Tong was raised in a government housing project in a corrupt neighborhood. Thankfully, Tong was raised in the Catholic church and he and his siblings were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Catholic private school for free with a scholarship from the church. Unfortunately, his mother passed away during his last semester of school. He made the decision to quit school in order to get a job and support his family.

As he was living in the government project of Bankok supporting his family, Tong took interest in Muay Thai. As his passion for kickboxing grew, he joined with a street fighter and found himself in danger. He was stabbed in a street fight and almost lost his life. His father worked with the American Government and knew he needed to help him. He managed to help Tong move to Los Angeles, California in 1991.  Tong worked in California for nearly ten years before he received a job offer in Springfield, MO. Since moving to Missouri, he has founded Muay Thai U.S.A to teach the art of fighting from his home country. Through teaching Muay Thai in seminars, he has had the opportunity to help many troubled children in the United States.

In 2015, Tong took a trip back to Thailand and saw the deep need for resources for orphaned children. This was where the vision for Thailand Little Ones began and was founded. The focus of TLO is to see kids with broken homes, children without parents, and children in poverty have the food, shelter, and educational resources they need to succeed. Thailand Little Ones also provides sports equipment to keep the children off the streets. Since its founding in 2015, TLO has had the opportunity to work with Buddhist Monks, Catholic churches, and Christian churches to see children receive the help they need.

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