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Why you should consider donating


Many of us take the simple things in life for granted. Having a safe, warm bed and a dinner every evening might not sound like a luxury, but for many it is just that. These children are caught in circumstances beyond their control and are the helpless victims of situations they cannot even…

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“Sick room” to prevent spread of illness within the school


When one child gets sick, that illness can quickly spread through a school. You’ve probably experienced this yourself and know exactly what we’re talking about. In our project school in Chiang Ri province such a situation is particularly problematic. The children who attend this school do not have the means to go to…

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Playground for the children at Chiang Ri school


When you drive by a school or playground you’re usually treated to the sound of playing children. Fortunately, most children in the United States have plenty of places to run around and play, from their schools and churches to the local park. We want to bring this simple pleasure to the youth attending…

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You Can Help Too


You don’t have to sit on the sidelines, we make it easy for you to help the poor children of Thailand live better, healthier lives. Just a small donation can help us give them these kids a better future by providing things we take for granted, like access to education, food, health and…

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