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TLO recently went to Thailand to help renovate the Christian Paisansart School, a school located in Chiang Rai province, north Thailand. This school was in disrepair and doing its best to help around 250 children with their basic needs of education, food and a safe, positive environment. TLO donated material and hard work to transform the school into a beautiful learning facility.

TLO has big plans for ongoing help at this school, such as creating a sick room to help prevent the spread of illness among the school children as well as building a playground and providing sporting equipment. TLO isn’t going to stop here, but plans to help fulfill similar needs around Thailand!

TLO believes that you can change the world by intervening in the lives of those most in need. By helping these children we give them access to the tools they need to grow up and make their own positive impact on the world! Help us make a difference by supporting the TLO mission.




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“Sick room” to prevent spread of illness within the school


Playground for the children at Chiang Ri school

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